a resource-management, tower defense game, with a twist. 

Play as an employee of Weknewables and build a successful city to increase your citizens’ happiness! Resolve issues with renewable resources in order to create a promising future for generations to come. 

About This Game:

Begin by placing Power towers, which will allow Food, Production, and Entertainment towers to attack and/or provide effects. Food and Entertainment towers provide happiness to Generation Waves, while Production towers will apply slows, making it easier to stack happiness on individuals. Finish each generation with the maximum amount of people satisfied to get a cash bonus on your next wave. 

See how many generations you can get through before pollution begins to negatively impact your productivity. Sell high pollution towers and replace them with zero-pollution alternatives in order to keep the ever-growing population happy!

How many generations can you satisfy? 

Game Features and Tips

  • Power generators are required to build and use Food, Production and Entertainment structures which provide happiness to citizens.
  • Some Power generators and structures, such as Gas Refineries and Beef Farms, can cause more pollution. Higher pollution negatively affects the happiness output of structures, which impacts citizens' happiness.
  • Click and drag to move around and view other parts of the city.
  • Zoom in / out with mouse wheel.

Known Issues

  • Using the Fast Forward button can cause people to receive less happiness (YMMV).
  • If the mouse is on top any UI, placing towers or interacting with the map will not work. 


Programmer / Unity Dev - Joe Greive (a.k.a. Swirllyman)
Designer - Greg Morton (a.k.a. Brontosaurus-G)
Writer & Artist - Chloe Nakano (ign: BunnyGirlSenpai)
Producer - CaptainConvenience
Composer - EvanJames
Creative Director -

Development log


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Good game.


Congrats on your game ! I really like that you can play the levels several times (and build on your successes and fails). The music is also really nice :)


Thanks for playing as well as the kind feedback!


WeKnewablesAll this today for a better tomorrow!


Thank you!!! :)